19 Best Campervan Kitchen Ideas With Decoration Tips In 2022


When it comes to kitchen customisation, a campervan needs little extra personalisation.

So far, you’ve designed walls, bed and added decorative items. Now, it’s time to renovate your van’s kitchen.

A journey doesn’t turn out to be the best if it doesn’t include the luxury of having a meal anytime you want, right? Cooking for your family and having a warm cup of tea early in the morning remains one of our trips’ beloved memories.

I’ve listed 19 latest campervan kitchen ideas with additional decorative tips. There are no perfect layouts; designs that sync with your van might not look good in other vans. Let me know your favourite idea in the comment box below!

Why Does Camper Kitchen Décor Need Planning?

If you put “so many thoughts” into decorating your campervan, then your Kitchen might also need some attention. Based on my research, it all depends on just these 3 things listed below:

  • Layout: First, you need to think and plan the design or the basic layout of the Kitchen. With an image in mind, it is easy to execute the plan. You can also take the help of any 3rd party software to design your RV, such as Vanspace 3D.
  • Decoration: Second is to decorate the executed plan with your style. Mixed colours, items, accessories, or other themes.
  • Appliances: Third comes to the right appliances. You need a list of items you need in your daily kitchen, such as a Coffee Maker.

I’ll analyse all these ideas for you and explain them in detail with the best pictures to understand what suits you the best. Make sure to read all the details before finalising ‘the one’ for you.

How To Plan Camper Kitchen?

Plan Camper Kitchen

The kitchen is an important part of any campervan. You better understand important terms:

Check Kitchen Placement

Campervan kitchen placement

The first step is to decide where the Kitchen is going to be. Now, there are many thoughts behind this that affect the final decision. Questions such as:

How much time will you be in your van? If you are a full-time RVer, a wanderer or somewhere in between.

How much space is your van allowed to take for the Kitchen?
What is the layout of your van?

Keeping these questions in mind, below are listed some different ideas for different situations:

Stopper: In case you take breaks & come out of the van most of the time, you should focus on a side door sliding or back door sliding kitchen.

Space: If your van allows space, have a kitchen parallel to the front seats so you can enjoy cooking with everyone. If you are not allowed enough space, you can opt for a split kitchen. Keep the Kitchen on one side and some appliances like the refrigerator on another.

Full Timer: If you stay in your van most of the time, it is best to go for a kitchen parallel to the side walls. This way, it won’t interrupt the main space, and you can cook easily.

Number Of Passengers

Plan Camper Passengers

The appliances and decoration also depend on the people you are travelling with. Your kids might have different needs than your friends. One might prefer a hot mug of coffee over a cold drink. So, this too becomes an important factor in the final plan.

Type Of Kitchen!

Type Of Kitchen

Weird question, right? But, this too is important. Before planning the Kitchen, it is important to ask yourself – What kinds of food can you make? Or what’s our food list?

The amount of time you will spend cooking also decides the type of Kitchen you are looking for. One who is not going to cook fancy doesn’t need many appliances and vice-versa.

List Of 19 Best Campervan Kitchen Ideas

1. Beautiful Countertops

This countertop material is from #Vanlife. The wooden countertop is an essential item in every van kitchen. It looks nice and offers multiple finish levels – glossy, mat, etc.

In terms of cost, wooden countertops are budget-friendly. You can prefer DIY methods and ask a nearby woodshop to design it for you.

Beautiful countertops inside a campervan
Beautiful countertops inside a campervan

Wooden countertops are easy to clean, offer excellent stability, and are fairly strong. If not plywood, one can use Butcher block, which is also easy to clean and looks stylish and durable.

2. Wide Counter Space

Owned by Courtnie & Nate, I love this spacious kitchen storage idea. It comes with a big farmhouse sink with one counter space on both sides.

Overall kitchen theme matches with roof and flooring.

Campervan Counter Space
Campervan counter space

3. Slide Out Kitchen

Sliding door kitchen is a system which allows the door to slide instead of opening. Depending on campervan make & model, it can be a side door sliding kitchen or a back door.

Slide Out Kitchen
Slide-out kitchen with managed countertop

This works great when you are short on space. The given campervan is owned by @thehundersvanlige. Ethan & Katelynn enjoy cooking with a view. In addition, you can see a wooden countertop, a utensil and other items handing rod. There is a 3-burner stove and multiple drawers for storage.

4. L-Shaped Layout

The next camper kitchen idea is to utilise the walking area.

L-shaped kitchen layout
L-shaped kitchen layout

Owned by @twowanderingsoles, this L-shaped kitchen starts from the entrance and covers 50% of the camper. This allows for having a full kitchen with all the accessories and appliances in the right place.

Here, cabinets are fixed below and above the kitchen counter. You can also add the refrigerator and oven at the ending sides. Notably, this camping kitchen setup allows you to utilise space.

5. Outdoor Kitchen

A campervan with an outdoor kitchen is truly blessed to have feature. It saves a lot of space inside and allows you to prepare meals in an open sky.

In addition, if you are not a full-time RVer, this DIY outdoor kitchen will let you move furniture and use it as a regular van for other purposes.

Outdoor Kitchen

@Bearfoottheory showed this outdoor kitchen camper with a countertop that can be stretched outside and work. You can also move important accessories out and enjoy your cooking. Another door has a shelf which allows you to hang or hold the appliances.

6. Minimal Kitchen

Minimal RV Kitchen
Minimal campervan kitchen

Next to kitchen theme is inspired by @asobolife. It is loaded with simplicity and practicality, reminding me of a home kitchen. You see a cooking area with tiles, a dark wooden countertop, and an arranged spice holder with a good number of storage cabinets.

7. Apartment Design

When it comes to layout ideas,  you can take inspiration from Jake + Gianna (@ourvanquest). This beautiful and luxury designed kitchen gives an apartment feel.

Be its cabinets, ceiling, tiles, or countertops – Entire interior is covered in a white theme. The slide-out kitchen offers 2 burner stove with a sink.

Like @thehundersvanlige’s campervan, you can imagine cooking delicious meals with a mesmerising nature view.

8. Space Efficient

Kitchen with a small window, seating area and a spacious bathroom. Looks like a dream for RVers, isn’t it?

I love how @escape.conversions managed to utilise the space and designed this beautiful campervan. Although, there is a small kitchen and fewer storage compartments than in other designs.

Space Efficient Campervan Kitchen
Space efficient campervan kitchen

It offers a 2 burner stove with oven, white tiles, and a few green decorative items.

9. Luxury Kitchen

Want a luxury campervan kitchen build ideas? You need inspiration from Van Craft. This design is based on a Sprinter van and comes fitted with a spacious kitchen (burners, oven, sink, etc.). Resultant, you get quite a good amount of walking and living space.

Luxury Kitchen

10. DIY Kitchen

The next converted van is owned by Antoine & Isabelle. Based on a Ford Transit cargo van, it offers a good amount of counter space on the opposite side with a 3-burner stove, an oven and a big sink.

You can see big overhead cabinets. The couple has managed to sync the overall van theme.

11. Cabinets & More Space

If you plan to make the cabinet yourself, it might not go well without proper planning. The cabinets need extra care in the camper kitchen. To decide the one you want to make, you need details of material, space and how things work.

@TheVanAnimals set a good example by building custom cabinets in the van. You can make removable cabinets which can be adjusted according to camping requirements.

You can also use stick-built frames, but they are lightweight, which would not allow you to keep heavy items.

I suggest picking a built-in cabinet if you don’t want to make one yourself.

Tip: Use a hardwood frame, making it easier to keep all your heavy or light accessories.

12. Add Coffee Set

Now, if you are in a moving van with your colleagues or your friends, it goes without saying that the adults will need a mug of coffee. Ethan and Katelynn used the idea of having a coffee maker in their van. Some of the best campervan preparing methods include Aeropress, French Press coffee, Pour over coffee and Percolators. You can go for any method you feel comfortable with.

Campervan Coffee Set
Campervan coffee machine

13. Add Burner

Moving on to the next important step – Burner. Without a burner, of course, one can’t think about cooking. @camperdreamin’ got this Cub stove which comes in a cute size with big windows. You can set the burner on the countertop side, saving you space for other things.

Talking about types of burners, the best for campervans are Butane, Induction & Propane.

14. Install A Refrigerator

Whatever your reason is for the outing, a refrigerator is essential. And, when the market is filled with the best camper fridge, it might get a bit tricky to choose the one for you. Here, @tworoamingsouls has chosen the refrigerator, which is energy efficient and has decent insulation.

Campervan Refrigerator

A mini-fridge can be fitted easily in any corner. There are many factors to consider while buying a fridge like space, budget, purpose etc. The best of all includes Dometic CFX3 12 Volt refrigerators, Absorption Fridge, Mini Fridge and Thermoelectric coolers.

15. Water System

Water is a must while setting up the Kitchen. You will need it for cooking, cleaning, drinking, and washing for all the basic activities. This system is by @parkedin paradise, this allows you to access water numerous times a day. The water can be stored and used in containers. This is one of the common methods used by RVers

You can also install a foot pump, in this way, you can have the water when you put pressure on the pump. If you don’t want this, you can go for running water, which needs more planning than this, but you will have water.

16. Check Sink Types

@markthegreenvan presents this versatile kitchen essential. Before installing the sink, it is important to check the countertop material. This sink is set with a wooden countertop. The easiest and cheapest way is to fit a sink and connect it with a pipe which goes in a bucket. It saves you a lot. Although there are many other sinks which could be used, like, Round sink, Porcelain sink, Copper sink, Dometic sink etc.

17. Add Green Elements

Another method is to plant some little green pots on your kitchen counter. This setting is by @rvinspirations, where we set little white pots wall. You can also choose camping vines plants instead of pots.

18. Add Kitchen Essential Items

Campervan Kitchen Essential Items
Camper kitchen essentials

Cooking can be a challenge if you don’t have the kitchen essentials. The @airstreaminterstaterv offers you the needed kitchen essentials.

Spend your money on the right things and spend your time with your people enjoying. To help you with that, I’ve listed must-have appliances and accessories containing  – pots, pans, cooker, knives, jars, dinner sets, a coffee maker, some quick food, a box for spices, etc.

Finally, Decorate Your Kitchen

When the setting is done, next comes the decoration. Though it is mainly used for transportation, it becomes home for regular RVers. Here, @thearchitecturedesign has covered multiple themes you can use for your camper van. You can make it look classic & aesthetic by choosing the colours.

Decorate Your Kitchen

You can choose to make it colourful & shiny. Quotes frames can be hung near the cabinets, and handmade DIYs are a better option.


Well, that’s all from my side in campervan kitchen ideas. I also suggest checking recommended tips & decorations. You can check DIY for small conversions or decorations. However, I recommend picking good van conversion companies.


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