Uncle Tony Bought The Scariest, Weirdest, Most Disaster


Hilarious Online video: Uncle Tony Bought The Scariest, Weirdest, Most Catastrophe Laden Motorbike in America For $300

Hilarious Video: Uncle Tony Bought The Scariest, Weirdest, Most Disaster Laden Motorcycle in America For $300

There is negative, there is real bad, and then then is whichever amount this pile of a motorbike exists on in the universe. Uncle Tony needed a Buell Blast motor for a venture he is functioning on and managed to uncover a bike with the motor he needed in it for $300 on Marketplace or some other For Sale service site. Upon arrival, he glanced the point more than, noticed and intact motor, and loaded ‘er up. The vendor was adamant that the building of the bike was not his carrying out and that he was advertising it for a mate. You are going to see why this is an important issue to recognize when you view the movie.

This is the most sketchy bike we have at any time found. Not one particular inch this point is still left un-effed. From the bald ass front tire to the Schwinn Stingray handlebars, a thumb throttle that hits the gas tank when turned, weird usages of distinctive motorbike pieces, a battery mount that is worse than a battlefield stretcher, the triplicate of tire plugs in the bald ass rear tire and far more.

This isn’t just “oh there is some poor wiring” this is a study in someone’s eyesight of what a ideal customized bike is and remember as you enjoy this…someone was essentially driving it!

This is quickly the most hilariously dreadful motorbike in The united states – Major Laughs below –

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