Cectek Quadrift 500cc EFI Quad Bike – ATV

Fun on 4 wheels?

When I first caught glimpse of this Quad Bike early 2009 I thought “Oh my god, it’s another one of those Sinclair episodes!”

How wrong was I?

Cectek have gone completely mad by developing something the market was working towards but with some love and attention on features that other manufacturers try and charge you extra for. Whilst being very careful with what they did, there was no compromise on quality and production.

Styled with some extra fun, the Cectek Quadrift 500 EFi has pulled up extremely close to the mark and bordering on something else. Not only have they filled one gap in the Quad Bike market but have also created another, which once you have taken the time to ride one you will fully understand what I mean.

With an extremely low centre of gravity they have thrown the cards down and said: “Do you want some fun?”

Personally, I think that this is something we could ALL do with in our lives to take away the blues of modern day political torture and news that’s fit for people who have nothing better to do.

What these guys have done is take something that was or has been very bland for some time and added two extra lumps of sugar to sweeten it up. Extra low centre of gravity makes this bike handle like it is on rails, and with the punch packing 500cc EFi power plant you will light the blue touch paper and watch this rocket explode.

The return of a 30+ childhood maybe? And it doesn’t stop just there!

Talk about being thoughtful, (or is this marketing gone mad) they have also included a Goose Bump lifting experience called “Drifting Transmission.” Now you MUST have got the drift? (Sorry…)

Switch from limited slip differential into drifting mode and you will have that back end fully locked and working just like Roger Clark’s Mk1 Ford Escort back in the ’70s. This one feature alone will leave you pushing those eyes back in their sockets leaving you bags of time to enjoy the experience and amazing control.

And if that’s not enough, they refuse to charge you for things like alloys and digital dash (unlike some manufacturers I could mention) Here is just a snip of what you can expect:

  • Chassis – Something they call “UCS” which means Ultra Secure Chassis
  • Suspension – Fully independent Suspension with adjustable shocks
  • Wheels – Alloys as standard with low profile tyres
  • Brakes – Dual 250mm front and rear brake discs
  • Instruments – Racing effect dials in LCD giving multi function display

And when I say multi-function, there is more to play with than your average games console!

Is this fashion gone completely barking, or clever design and marketing?

Personally I think it is a good mixture of both with a twist of extra strength in the design department. There is one thing I will guarantee (apart from the obvious fun that is), give the industry 6 to 12 months and I will stand on these words – they will all be making something pretty much the same but more expensive.

As for Cectek (or see-tek as they like to be known) have already got the next stage of this machine in the design shop. As for you, well you will find it difficult to get one come spring next year because of the heavy demand – so don’t wait for the sale, because there will not be one!

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