Elon Musk Distances Tesla Automobiles From Chevy Bolt Battery Hearth Pointing To Elementary Variances

Given that the extremely initial electrical autos, EVs have experienced disproportionate scrutiny when it arrives to battery fires.

Electric automobile fires, no make any difference the circumstance or isolated the incidence seems to be, garner worldwide media interest.

One new instance is a model new Design S Plaid that caught fireplace in Pennsylvania. The incident garnered sensational media protection saying a Tesla was driving down the road autonomously although it was on fireplace.

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Like most EV fires, this just one also disappeared into the ether just after a transient media circus. On the other hand, destructive media protection linked with battery fires however poses a authentic risk to EV brand names. Studies of spontaneous battery fire have a major possibility of landing a dying blow to any aspiring electric automobile maker.


The story of Fisker, which was Tesla’s biggest level of competition at the begin of the final decade is a cautionary tale. The automobile, just after currently being introduced as the original “Tesla Killer” went on to obtain many movie star endorsements.

On the other hand, a string of spontaneous battery fires coupled with negative luck has ended the corporation in advance of it was in a position to get heading.

As a consequence, all EV producers check out to squash any rumors of battery fires as quickly as achievable. And now Elon Musk also appears to be striving to length Tesla from spontaneous battery fires that have been noted on GM’s Chevy Bolt EVs.

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General Motors is at the moment conducting a remember of the Chevrolet Bolt electrical motor vehicle because of to fires brought about by the battery pack.

The recall affects 2017 to 2019 model yrs and is the 2nd recall for the motor vehicle, next just one issued in November 2020.

In accordance to GM, the battery fires seem to be to arise when the car or truck is charged totally. As a outcome, GM has suggested owners of influenced vehicles to limit their optimum cost to 90% and make sure the batteries are not drained to under 60 miles selection.

GM has also instructed homeowners to not leave their vehicles charging right away and states “out of an abundance of warning, clients should keep on to park their vehicles exterior instantly after charging.”

Even nevertheless statistically EVs are substantially much less inclined to car fires than internal combustion automobiles, this sort of forms of warnings will definitely make potential buyers fearful and perhaps hold off their acquire.

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And Elon Musk appears to be trying to length Tesla from the Chevy Bolt news. Responding to a Teslarati post about the Chevy Bolt remember, Musk claimed “large pouch cells undertake important volumetric improvements at high state of cost.”

Tesla famously only works by using cylindrical cells to power its vehicles. One particular of the motives Tesla does not use large pouch cells irrespective of their relieve of forming into a battery pack is that, as Musk talked about above, their growth when billed.

And Musk by mentioning this crucial distinction seems to be hinting that Tesla vehicles do not suffer from the exact challenges confronted by the Chevy Bolt.

We will preserve you posted if a lot more information and facts arrives out concerning the Chevy Bolt remember and if Elon Musk gives us extra information and facts on how the Chevy Bolt batteries differ from cells in Tesla motor vehicles. Make certain to go to our web page torquenews.com/electric powered-cars routinely for the most up-to-date updates.

So what do you assume? Are you more afraid of fires in EVs than interior combustion vehicles? Also, do you believe battery concerns can influence Tesla? Enable me know your thoughts down in the opinions under.

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