How to Install HID Kit for Your Vehicle

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Before installing your new HID lights, you will need to determine if your vehicle is equipped with a halogen bulb. If your car is, you need to remove the halogen bulb first. You can usually do this in less than 30 minutes. Once you have determined the exact location for the halogen replacement, you can install the HID kit.

Disconnecting the headlight

The process of installing an HID kit is easy. The first step is preparing the vehicle. Turn the engine off and disconnect the battery. Make sure the headlight assembly is disconnected. Unplug the bulbs from their wiring harnesses and place them in the headlights.

Removing the stock bulbs and the ballast

Once you’ve sourced the HID bulbs, you’ll need to install the HID kit. To install the HIDs, you’ll need to remove the stock bulbs and the ballast. You’ll also need to unplug the stock halogen bulb. Finally, you’ll need to replace the fuse in the relay harness. The HID kit can light the halogen bulbs, but it will not work with aftermarket halogen lamps.


Ensure that the HIDs are secured, and the xenon bulbs are not loose or damaged. Connect the wires to the ballast, and reconnect the battery.

Unplug the wiring harness from the ballast

Once you’ve removed the headlight assembly, you can begin installing the HID kit. To start the vehicles HID kit installation process, make sure to turn your vehicle off and disconnect the battery. Next, remove the low beam dust cover. It will reveal the bulb. Unplug the wiring harness from the ballast. Then, attach the new HID bulb to the holder ring and plug it into the ballast receptacle.

Connecting the battery

You will need to install the ballast near the bulb. Put the wiring plugs close to the bulb. Remove the bulb and disconnect the battery if your car is equipped with a halogen lamp. Once you’ve completed the installation, test the HID to ensure proper operation. Then, connect the battery. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to enjoy your newly improved headlights.


Unlike halogen light bulbs, the HID kits are designed to operate continuously. You’ll need to have your car’s lights calibrated to fit your new lights. If you have a new halogen bulb, the new ballast will only function properly with a compatible vehicle.

Brighter light for greater visibility

Using an HID kit allows you to have brighter light for greater visibility. Higher capacity HID kits have different ballasts, and you must be careful while installing them. If you’re installing a higher-capacity HID kit, you need to be careful when installing the bulbs. Moreover, the ballast’s capacity may not match the actual bulb’s output, so be sure to use an appropriate one.


The best HID kits can give you better visibility. High-quality HID kits have multiple configuration options and more color choices. A higher-capacity HID kit will require more work, and the ballast can not match the actual bulb output. Read the installation manual provided by the manufacturer if you are unsure about how to install your HID kit.