How To Use The Auction House To Make More Gold

Making more gold in World of Warcraft is a hot topic. Many people want to figure out this seemingly tough nut to crack. The issue is, making gold in WoW is not particularly difficult granted you absolutely understand the mechanisms that drive the games.. and basic economics! Just like the real world, the distribution of gold in WoW is mostly at the top with the rest of the players sharing the spoils.

You CAN work your way to the top BUT it WILL take some time to perfect your gold making blueprint. I’ll just throw out a few tips in this piece and you can choose to incorporate some (I recommend you incorporate ALL) into your game playing. Also, let’s remember something important: IT’S JUST A GAME. Okay? Have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously. You’ll make some mistakes and you’ll have your bad days. Don’t take your game playing failures into your real life and let WoW dictate your mood! Just chill out and have fun! Without further ado, let’s fatten up our accounts!

1. Sell all your items – Remember what I said about economics? WoW is in many ways a mythical model of the real world. Trade, commerce! Buying low, selling high. It’s dictated the fortunes of the wealthiest men on the planet! The equivalent of ‘buying’ in WoW is actual game play.. depending on your character! A few hours of gameplay can yield up to 20 items. If you are not in the auction house trying to sell every one of them, is it surprised you’re not swimming in gold?

2. Know what people should be paying – A quick online check can reveal normal market prices for any item you are looking to sell. However, depending on the local pricing structure for your individual Auction house, the price of your items may fluctuate and drop unexpectedly so it’s up to you to stay on top of these prices changes and always have an idea of what your fellow gamers are willing to pay for a certain item.

3. Greed is good – I happen to LOVE cars. High performance ones. Like for example, the Ferrari 458 Italia. Here’s the thing. When the car was released, it had a base price of £170,000 which would probably get to about £205,000 with a load of options. When it was released though, Ferrari dealers would offer up the car for no less than £230,000. Why? Because it was rare and if you wanted it first and NOW, you had to pay.

Remember that economic theory once again? you probably knew this, but you had no idea it would make you rich in WoW. The tip is, ALWAYS HAVE A BUYOUT PRICE. WoW is time consuming enough as it is and most people just don’t have the patience to hang around and bid for stuff in the auction house so they actually ignore your listing and find someone else who has it available immediately. I would recommend massively inflating the buyout price of course. Double or triple the market price is generally acceptable. If it doesn’t hook anyone, you can always put it back up for auction. Remember, you are fine tuning your skills of judgement here. Don’t worry if things don’t work out the first time.

4. Buy Low, Sell High – Along with budding auction house experts like you, there are a lot of novices who have no clue what they are doing. You are about to eat them for lunch. Your weapon of choice: basic business principles. I recommend spending half an hour each morning scouring the Auction House for low priced items that you can sell on at the normal market price or if demand perks up, at an inflated price. The ROI for something so simple is huge. If it’s so simple to do, how come everyone doesn’t do it? Because its simple not to do!

So there are a few tips that I’ve just compiled for you. The auction house is your friend and if you become a master at buying and selling, all your gold needs will be taken care of, so you can focus on other aspects of your game. It takes time and dedication to become good but its a skill worth learning. Please, whatever you do, don’t BUY gold from dodgy online merchants. If you get caught, there’s a chance that you will wipe your entire account. Besides, it’s like completing a game with while using a load of cheats. Sure you’ll achieve your goal, but it won’t be because of your skill. Enjoy making gold!

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