Is the SunL ATV the Right One For You?

The SunL SLA 115 ATV is just like any other clone machines that you find out there in the market. If you’re familiar with ATVs, you’ll know that it’s one of the best clones of the Honda machines. Most SunL ATVs do not need you to mix the oil and gas (what a mess that process is, we all know that) but most SunL ATVs come in single speed automatic transmission…which simply means a pump and go system. For an ATV enthusiast like me and you, that’s just FAB news!!

Many beginner ATV enthusiast figured that they didn’t want to spend a single cent on a SunL ATV because they weren’t Kazumas or Polaris or Hondas. But here’s where the truth is. If you’re on a budget, SunL ATVs is a good choice to get your started. In fact, if we may add our two cents worth…SunL ATVs are sometimes better than some of the mid-range ATVs produced by local or popular ATV manufacturers. Of course, although there’s much to be desired in the power front but for beginners or intermediate ATV riders, SunL ATVs will ride just fine. Oh…and one of the things we noticed about As we tested out one SunL ATV, we noticed that their brakes are top notch! The disc brake is great for stopping and there is even a throttle limiter just in case you decide to let your teen have a go at it! And besides, even if they conk out on you, getting a SunL ATV part is easy now…what with the wide distribution channel.

If we had to name one ATV that is designed for beginners, kids and novice ATV riders alike, the SunL would have to be it. You know kids get a little tangled up when they’re on their ATVs and when kids are on it, count on the parts coming apart quicker than if an adult rode it for years. Kids can be rough – don’t be fooled by their sizes. Everything from the remote control that allows you to remotely stop and start the SunL ATV to the tiny little wires contained within the engine are completely available from many SunL ATV part distributor, retailer or dealer. The remote control that comes with SunL ATV is one of the parts that is hardest to replace but if you contact the retailer of your SunL AV=TV directly, they shouldbe able to get you a replacement with no problem at all. But to prevent the problem of having to search high and low to find a replacement for the SunL ATV part, use the remote control with caution and keep it away from the kids. And since we’re on the topic, keep a healthy supply of batteries with you as well.

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