Mercedes Vision EQXX concept escapes the EV weight spiral


Earning the Vision EQXX a benchmark for EV efficiency intended preventing a downward spiral. 

It’s a single of the principal factors Mercedes-Benz caught to the thought of an air-cooled battery Eyesight EQXX strategy, and listening to job manager Malte Sievers, it’s a single of the critical choice details in the task that assisted enable it to outperform its first focus on: 1,000 km (621 miles) on a single demand, at genuine-environment speeds. 

“Putting the liquid-cooling process into that battery would have began a type of spiral—and you can see this with a lot of bigger units,” Sievers discussed to Environmentally friendly Car Experiences previous week, at Mercedes’ Immendingen proving grounds, before I was permitted some time in the driver’s seat of this piece of the foreseeable future (and the only these just one on Earth).

To sum: Liquid cooling would have included excess weight and elevated the peak of the battery pack. That would have greater the top of the car or truck in buy to sustain inside space—which would have greater the frontal region and affected aerodynamics. And that blended would improve the vitality necessary and so the sizing of the battery necessary. 

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX 1008-km run

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX 1008-km operate

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX 1008-km run

Mercedes-Benz Eyesight EQXX 1008-km run

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX 1008-km run

Mercedes-Benz Eyesight EQXX 1008-km run

As we have by now described, the futuristic Vision EQXX is the most effective automobile that Mercedes-Benz has ever created, and in April the EQXX did a actual-planet selection run, covering a 746-mile trip from Stuttgart, Germany, to Silverstone, England, on a solitary cost and with energy to spare for some victory laps. 

The EQXX is not a output-certain motor vehicle in any way. It’s a evidence stage for how electric powered automobiles from the automaker might be produced a lot more efficient—a ton far more efficient—in the long term. 

As Sievers outlined, the EQXX represents an all-arms strategy, producing guaranteed just about every piece of the vehicle—including but not limited to the propulsion system—took the leanest and most efficiency-minded route possible. 

“In order to make this motor vehicle transpire and make it the most economical Mercedes we have at any time built, you will need to glance at every single solitary spot of the car or truck that has an influence on efficiency—and which is generally everything,” he explained. 

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX Concept

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX Principle

From the cast magnesium 20-inch wheels and slender, specially produced Bridgestone Turanza Eco tires that ended up made expressly for the EQXX, to glass-fiber-strengthened plastic for the doorways and an aluminum mega-casting at the rear of the automobile, with integral damper towers, the EQXX is fighting for a distinct, far more successful long term in all respects. 

And when I circled back to check with more about the cooling, Sievers quipped, with a smirk: “We truly don’t.”

He’s building a position. The EQXX battery pack has some extremely very carefully chosen cells, laid out in a way that doesn’t have to have anything additional than outdoors air permit in. Often. 

Sievers said that at the proving grounds, in summer season warmth, the EQXX’s pack has not gotten considerably over ambient temperatures—86 levels when we were talking, with a high of 99 thanks for that afternoon. He described from distant sensing that the pack was presently at 90 levels. 

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX

As for all those cells, Sievers commented that thanks to advancements in internal resistance, cells merely really do not warmth up as much as they utilised to in preceding generations with charging. 

“It does exhibit that there’s a great deal to be obtained, even though remaining in the at this time regular chemistry,” he reported, possibly in a hint of what the automaker is thinking about for individuals long run EVs. “And it is not all just reliable condition there are all types of new things just coming about.”

The EQXX doesn’t eschew cooling wholly, nevertheless. There is h2o cooling for the electric powered drive unit and inverter, furthermore an oil-water exchanger that allows maintain the motor bearings cool. Shutters that open at the front of the car open up only when wanted, enabling a skinny sheet of air to go by means of earlier the battery and those systems, pulling heat absent.

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX 1008-km run

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX 1008-km operate

Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains, which functions with System E and Formulation 1, created the inverter for the vehicle, which runs on a “plus-900-volt method.” It has a good deal of Components E learnings developed in and is a key component for how the total efficiency of the electric powered drivetrain is 95% from mobile to wheel. The inverter, Sievers stated, seems “drastically different from everything we have carried out so considerably.”

“Basically we’re chasing every watt listed here,” explained Julien Pillas, who labored specially on the electric drive system. 

Significantly of the generate-system development for the EQXX, which started off in 2020, was completed on a motor vehicle nicknamed Emma—for the forthcoming MMA platform, owing all around the center of the 10 years with products roughly the size of the Tesla Product 3 and Product Y, that will enjoy some of the positive aspects of the EQXX job. Emma weighs almost 5,300 kilos with the EQXX’s air-cooled pack of somewhere around 100 kwh mounted under. That is just a couple hundred kilos extra than the production EQB weighs with its 70.5-kwh liquid-cooled pack.

Thank air-cooling yet again for the EQXX pack’s 1,089-pound weight—and by extension, for its sub-3,900-lb complete.

Mercedes EQB with EQXX battery and drive systems  -

Mercedes EQB with EQXX battery and drive techniques –

I got to get a spin in Emma 1st, on a shut course, to get a come to feel of the interface and the calibration of the accelerator and brakes, which are just the very same as the EQXX (albeit with that additional mass). Element of that concerned finding acquainted with the regenerative braking, which is much far more intense than in Mercedes’ recent electrical vehicles—keeping the modes ranging from D- (moderate regen) to D+ (gliding) but introducing a “D–” method that lets one-pedal driving with no a brake hold. Trying to keep the most successful in the EQXX also involved preserving light on the accelerator and remaining inside of a 25-kw electric power band. 

In the proving grounds crawling with engineers, they were being retaining telemetry on us of system. So I was equipped to verify in on efficiency—and a large amount more—for my drives. Over a loop of about 16 km (10 miles)—covering a vary of terrain and speeds up to 100 km/h (62 mph) and averaging about 50 km/h (30 mph). I averaged 12.1 kwh/100 km (5.1 miles/kwh) in Emma, which is approximately double the effectiveness I’d noticed in a place-highway loop in the EQB earlier that day. 

That was proving the value of the push system. Now I headed out in the actual thing—the EQXX with its beautiful aero overall body and .17 coefficient of drag. I slide into the mushroom-primarily based vegan leather-based-option seats and pull the Biosteel fiber door strap, changing the seat, and locate it’s basically rather snug for my prolonged-legged six-foot-six.  

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX

The EQXX felt perkier for certain, and I located myself driving a lot quicker than in the SUV mule, demanding frequent notice of the speedometer to hold within just the proving grounds’ velocity zones. When I heard the whine of the drive programs and a tiny little bit of street noise, there was almost no wind noise—the payoff of the aero. 

After a little entertaining immediately after the efficiency loop, I bought a opportunity to faucet into the entire 180 kw (241 hp) and confirm that communicative steering and a pretty reduced heart of mass make this fairly a fun automobile to travel rapidly.

Efficiency for EQXX drive

Efficiency for EQXX push

And then, a remaining tally. In the EQXX, I’d averaged 8.39 kwh/100 km—about 7.4 miles for each kwh, or about 45% much better than what I observed in Emma. Or around double the distance on the very same kwh than I’d be able to include in most somewhat effective EVs these days. 

One particular curious piece of the EQXX efficiency puzzle is photo voltaic. In the EQXX, it runs only into the 12-volt method, with no avenue for the electricity to arrive at the traction battery. Peak power of the program is about 600 watts, with potential for the procedure to acquire about 16 miles of selection over an full day. 

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX

Sievers admits which is not always the decision they would make in a production model—like omitting the onboard charger—but for the EQXX and its array-run applications, it made the ideal perception and freed up the traction battery for large-voltage use—with occasional managing of a DC-DC converter when wanted. In the EQXX, the warmth pump is run off the high-voltage technique, but the rest of the weather command method, the steering, control units, infotainment technique, and a lot more are all run off 12 volts.

Similarly, the EQXX was not constructed for rapidly-charging. Even though its air-cooled pack can charge at a respectable 140 kw with out warmth buildup—enough to get 186 miles of range in 15 minutes. 

“We’re not hoping to demonstrate that fast charging is wrong,” said Sievers. “While likely for effectiveness we figured out right after the quick that this really does assist with charging very a bit—this is the enjoyment engineering side of this, that we’re truly obtaining out new things we did not see coming.”

Though these with the venture hesitate to give any far more hints about what accurately might make it into the generation MMA electric powered autos, we’ll consider that as a person of the hints. 

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX

Mercedes-Benz Eyesight EQXX

In some respects the EQXX is this decade’s VW XL1, as a hyper-efficiency poster car. Even though VW designed the superlight diesel-hybrid XL1 in a pretty compact selection, just like the EQXX it was supposed as a know-how moonshot.

That reported, immediately after diving into why the EQXX exists—and driving it—I can say that even even though the EQXX will never be created, it indicates a lot more in supporting to information a era of EVs absent from that downward spiral.


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