Motorcycle Sun Glasses – A Part of Road Safety

If you’ve ever seen the “Terminator” movie series, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, you would have noticed that he was wearing a pair of sun glasses in virtually every scene. The parts where he was riding a motorcycle, chasing the villain – or being chased by one – are especially relevant to this topic. Granted, those shades looked cool on Schwarzenegger’s Terminator, but his motorcycle sun glasses in those movies are hardly practical for real-life motorcycling use. There are several reasons for this – one of which is the biker sunglasses he was using simply seem too casual, in the sense that they don’t seem able to withstand the rigors of traveling at high speeds on the road. But then, the Terminator’s motorcycle sun glasses are part of movie magic. Real life tells a different story.

Biker sunglasses need to be very durable – both the lens and the frame need to be extremely hardy. This is because there is a very real risk of debris flying off the road and hitting the biker in the face. Even if debris, such as a pebble or wood chip, is very small, the speed at which it hits the biker can be very dangerous. If the lens of one’s motorcycle sun glasses is not of good quality, it could break and cause serious injury to the biker. That’s why it is not recommended to wear sunglasses with glass lenses, because although they are resistant to scratches, they can break – especially when hit with debris at 80 miles an hour. Instead, go for biker eyewear whose lenses are made of polycarbonate. This material is very strong and is somewhat lightweight, so it’s well-suited for use in road travel on a motorcycle. High-quality lenses undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they are able to withstand the stress of strong winds or adverse temperatures.

Wearing sun glasses with polarized lenses is especially helpful since they reduce or eliminate the glare that bounces off from the pavement. Certain light waves produce a vibration when they hit a surface and the polarization of special lenses counteract this type of light waves. So even if you’re out riding your motorcycle on a sunny day and you’re wearing sun glasses with polarized lenses, you wouldn’t have to find yourself having to squint against the brightness of the road or other surfaces. This may not only help to prevent accidents, it can keep your eyes safe from damage that can be caused by glare.

Another thing to remember is that biker sunglasses need to have more than adequate ultraviolet (UV) protection. The recommended filter level is UV 400. Sun glasses with UV protection are even more important than those with polarized lenses. On days that are not sunny, polarized lenses are not really necessary since there is no bright light to reflect on surfaces. But even on cloudy days, dangerous ultraviolet rays are still present, and constant exposure to them elevates one’s risks of getting skin and eye diseases. So, wearing sun glasses with a high UV protection rate even on not-so-sunny days can significantly reduce one’s risk of getting photokeratitis, cataracts, macular degeneration, and other eye disorders.

If your vision is less than 20/20, there is an abundance of prescription motorcycle sun glasses at your disposal. You can go to an optical shop, choose the frame, and get them to create lenses tailored to your prescription. Or you can bring your prescription to a store that specializes in motorcycling gear and have a pair custom made just for you. You can even order specially-made prescription biker sunglasses online! Just browse the catalogs of eyewear manufacturers, select the style that you want, send them your prescription, and sit back and wait for your order to arrive.

Don’t forget to consider the issue of frames in your selection. Motorcycle sun glasses need to fit snugly around the eyes so as to prevent the wind and other materials, such as dust, from entering. It is also important to have a vented frame because this will help avoid the lens from fogging up. These frames come in a variety of materials, from nylon to metal. Which one is better depends on the user’s personal preference.

Motorcycle sun glasses play a big role in making a person look and feel good while riding his or her bike. A choice or several choices can be made from all the manufacturers of sun glasses – from Oakley to Bolle and Smith – even to Harley Davidson sun glasses. They may not make you indestructible like the Terminator, but you can look just as cool and take comfort in the fact that your eyes will be safe along the ride.

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