Police searching for 2 men accused of intentionally running over motorcycle in northeast Houston


HOUSTON – The search is on for two men accused of intentionally running over a man’s motorcycle Tuesday in northeast Houston, police confirmed.

“It all started because they were tailgating me. I didn’t say not one word to them. They just attacked me with their vehicle and that was it,” said the driver of the motorcycle, who requested not to be identified.

Cell phone video, initially posted by Grizzy’s Hood News, shows part of the confrontation, at the intersection of E. Mt. Houston and Homestead. The video begins after the driver of the motorcycle said the pair initially left the scene, returning to strike the bike.

He said they first began to tailgate him about 2.5 miles east at Mesa Drive. He said he stopped at Homestead. That’s when he said the pair got out of the car and confronted him.

“They thought they were going to attack me, but I overpowered them. They couldn’t do what they wanted to do. So he ended up using his vehicle,” he said, accusing the driver of hitting him during the initial attempt to get away.


“When he backed up, he hit me with his car. He hit me with it twice. What I think really made him stop was that I had his passenger in my hand cause he was trying to swing on me,” the motorcyclist said.

The cell phone video picks up after the pair left, only to make a u-turn to hit the motorcycle, he said.

Both men try to separate the motorcycle from the vehicle. Video shows one man pulling the motorcycle, the other the car — to no avail.

They gave up.

“I wasn’t letting them get back into the car so they ended up leaving on foot,” the motorcyclist said.

The driver of the motorcycle escaped without injury. He also called HPD, which is investigating the incident as an aggravated assault — failure to stop and give info.

Police told KPRC2 there may be additional charges pending their investigation.

The motorcyclist wants the pair off the street. He said he had been using the motorcycle to get to and from work because his car is in the shop.


“I think they should get time for what they’ve done,” he said. “I was just minding my business. They were the ones tailgating me and they were the ones who wanted to get out of their car and try to come after me.”

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