QOTD: What’s Your Wildest Automotive Fantasy?


There’s no way to be a hardcore automotive fanatic and not have some wild motor vehicle-themed fantasies. We’re talking about stuff that you know could by no means in fact come about but that your petrolhead mind lusts just after in any case. Like, say, an Alfa Romeo Giulia with a reliable and raucous 5.-liter V8 from the Lexus IS500. Now we want to know, what your automotive fantasies are.

Motor swaps may be one particular of the most common fantasies out there. It is challenging to resist the imagined of finding to love the very best of two platforms that you like. For occasion, who would’ve considered that you could shoehorn a Lamborghini V12 into a Fiat 500? Certain, which is an excessive illustration, but are not we all happy that we’ve observed that now?

It’s possible your fantasy is about obtaining a truly one of a kind, truly 1-of-a-form package car or truck or replica. These vehicles typically get a undesirable identify but from time to time they convert out to be very amazing. Just recently we included one particular these types of story of a Pontiac Fiero with an very convincing Lamborghini Miura duplicate built on top rated of it.

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https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=ouIM71EpIcA

Nonetheless, it is plausible that your automotive fantasies lie somewhere else. It’s possible it lies in the previous with the motivation that a firm had launched something like the Chrysler ME 4-Twelve into creation. Potentially you want a specific motor vehicle company to create a distinct vehicle or line of automobiles. I for one would adore to see Lamborghini go previous-university Rambo-Lambo and make the next Urus more of an off-highway LM002 tribute.

It would also be neat to see brand names like Chevrolet, Chrysler, and Buick make substantial strides ahead in terms of design and good quality. Who wouldn’t really like a manufacturer-new all-electrical Bel Air, Imperial, or Wildcat? Just about every just one of those people could make a massive splash though pushing the nostalgia button that could encourage other automakers to follow with their possess merchandise.

So, what is your individual automotive fantasy? Enable us know in the responses beneath.


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