The Autonomous Car Versus The American Way

Ever since Henry Ford’s first dream of producing an affordable attainable vehicle became a reality, the strive for innovation has not nearly been as close (in the automotive industry). Recent advancements in technology have allowed for a new era that is possibly in the works. I am referring to the Autonomous car, which is in other words a car that does not need a driver. It can seem a little far-fetched, but engineers have devised a way to make this possible. Most people don’t realize it, but we have had this technology for quite some time now. Level 1 of Autonomous driving can be found in most vehicles on the road, this is known as cruise control. The highest level (4) is a fully automated vehicle that is unnecessary of any human interaction in order to drive and maneuver through traffic. Currently Google has two vehicles that were released in early 2014; however, for the first year a person must be present within the vehicle. A black-box similar to airplanes must be installed in order to track what occurred before and after an incident (should one of these cars get in a collision). Amazon, Mercedes, and a multitude of other companies have joined in the race for automation. Keep in mind these companies have different technologies and ideas for the future.

People are asking if the cars are going to be purchased just as they are now, or whether a service will be provided by pick-up delivery? We don’t know (because it’s still too early), The true question to be asked is if the technology will eventually become the American standard? Well we don’t know, but we do know that you can never eliminate the American will to drive down an open road with the pedal to the floor. Our tardiness, cockiness, and will to be independent are the factors that will eventually determine how this technology should be operated. For now we can only wait and see how well the vehicles do, and observe the reactions of those around us. Which side of the debate are you on? Do you care if your vehicle drives you versus the other way around? Do you trust a computer automated vehicle with you and your loved ones inside? Do you think it will end the devastation of traffic in major cities like Los Angeles or New York? Let us know what you think?

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