THE M4 CSL. All you need to know


For me…

“2WD”, all I need to know.

I personally use the GTR platform as my “measuring stick”.

The S58 package comes with just about everything I enjoyed in my GTR, and more, except “the ease in tuning it and upgrading it”

So for me the “must haves” on a car pushing ~500hp are:
– AWD; I’d like to use the term “solid AWD” in this case. Not the Mickey Mouse AWD systems that some car makers claim are AWD and fail at the most basic tests.
– AutoTransmission; either DCT or Auto. Those brave souls that think they can handle ~500hp with one hand… Good for them.

Not so much “must haves”:
– Comfortable seating for 4 or 5
– User friendly trany: quite and responsive (not available in a GTR)
– Good exhaust sound: This was not an issue ever coming from STIs and GTRs. And I never thought that you could not never fix (grammar going to hell) a bad sounding exhaust until I met the S58.

But I digress… The CSL is what I call a manufacturer’s bragging rights poster child. Nice to see and admire, but many of us will not find it practical nor a smart buy given its sticker price, potential mark ups, and less expensive siblings.

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