Unregistered Ferrari seized after idiot clocked at 204km/h


Yet another Ferrari driver has demonstrated that just because you can afford a supercar doesn’t mean you know how to drive it.

A Ferrari driver will have at least three months to contemplate his idiotic actions after being busted travelling at 204km/h in a 110km/h zone.

And while the car itself – a Ferrari Portofino powered by a twin-turbo 3.9-litre V8 – cost in excess of $400,000 when new, the driver either couldn’t afford or didn’t bother to register the vehicle, which earned him another ticket along with his day in court for the speeding offence.

The white Ferrari Portofino was clocked at 204km/h on police lidar in a popular hotspot for speeders on the Hume Highway near Goulburn, the home town of the NSW Police Academy.

Not that it’s ever a good idea to speed on any public road, the genius Ferrari driver from Sydney clearly was also unaware of his surroundings.

A Facebook post on the NSW Police Traffic and Highway Patrol page said a 42-year-old Sydney driver was charged after allegedly being detected “travelling at more than 200km/h in an unregistered vehicle”.

“About 7.40am (Friday 3 June 2022), officers attached to The Hume Highway Patrol allegedly detected a Ferrari travelling at 204km/h in a 110km(/h) sign-posted area on the Hume Highway, Goulburn.

“Police stopped the Ferrari and spoke with the driver, a 42-year-old man. He was issued with a Court Attendance Notice for drive vehicle recklessly/furiously or speed/manner dangerous, exceed speed limit – over 45km/h, and use unregistered motor vehicle.”

In addition to being issued on-the-spot tickets valued in excess of $2000 for these offences, the driver will also be required to explain his actions to a magistrate.

The Sydney-based driver is due to appear in Goulburn Local Court on Wednesday 29 June 2022.

Police say his NSW driver’s licence has been suspended and his vehicle has been confiscated for three months.

Commenters were quick to praise police and call out the idiocy of the driver involved.

“Well done NSW Police,” said one Facebook commenter. “Should now sell the vehicle and give the funds to a few needy families.”

Another Facebook respondent wrote: “Driving that unregistered tells me he couldn’t afford it to start with.”

“Why drive a Ferrari if you can’t afford to register it? Bit like owning a horse that you can’t afford to feed,” wrote another follower of the Facebook page.

Summing up the views of many, another commentator wrote: “Unregistered Ferrari at 204km/h. There are better ways of attention seeking.”

A few commenters called for the car to be scrapped rather than just seized.

“Scrap the car at the owner’s expense, if he can afford a Ferrari, a fine will just be like pocket change.”

Taking perhaps a more generous approach, more than a few Facebook followers offered to help store the car for the next three months.

“I’ll mind his car for you guys. Can’t have it cluttering up the car park at the station.”

Joshua Dowling has been a motoring journalist for more than 20 years, spending most of that time working for The Sydney Morning Herald (as motoring editor and one of the early members of the Drive team) and News Corp Australia. He joined CarAdvice / Drive in late 2018, and has been a World Car of the Year judge for 10 years.

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