What is an Aerial Bucket Truck?

What is an aerial bucket truck? Well, you have probably seen these vehicles driving down the highway or doing their job on the roadside somewhere, but called it something else.

An aerial bucket truck is just a truck with a huge “arm” on it that lifts people up in the air in a small box or bucket. You probably see these trucks lifting people up to fix telephone poles or cutting out trees around electric lines. They are used by telephone and electric companies mostly, but almost anyone can buy or rent a bucket truck if you need one.

Why would you need an aerial bucket truck? Well, they are very handy for doing lots of things. Basically, they are a very big latter that you can use to get to high places that would be very difficult to get to without one. They can go much higher than a ladder and are also much safer.

Aerial Bucket trucks are sold in all shapes and sizes, so you can buy whatever size will fit your needs best. Some also have a double arm for extra stability. Some bucket trucks’ arms are run by the engine, while others have an external engine to run the arm. They also include a very handy storage bin that can hold anything from tools to your lunch.

If you are considering buying a new or used bucket truck or renting one, please be sure to read the owners’ manual, because although aerial bucket trucks are very useful, they can also be very dangerous. Follow all safety procedures and be sure to keep your feet on the floor at all times in the bucket.

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