What’s Your Automotive Pet Peeve?

I was talking on the mobile phone with my mom yesterday after I stopped to fill up the tank at the Shell station. She said, “You know what I don’t like? When a car’s fuel tank accessibility is on the passenger side.” I considered about that, simply because we individual two Land Rovers (a 2000 Vary Rover and a 2013 LR4) and the gasoline tank doors are on the passenger facet. They are British autos, so that would make feeling. 

Individually, I never have a choice on that configuration, but everyone has a pet peeve. Mine is when a vehicle does not have a tuning knob because I like to be able to flip effortlessly from 1 satellite station to an additional devoid of getting to hassle with the touchscreen. That small matter would have an affect on no matter if I’d acquire a automobile or not (that’s a single of the issues Stellantis does effectively, with audio controls in multiple areas). This practice of believed built me marvel: what are your automotive pet peeves?

Hey, I fully grasp some of these are Very first Environment complications and several people all around the globe are just content to have wheels. What annoys 1 human being is properly suitable to an additional. On the other hand, there is constantly place for improvement, so I questioned a bunch of close friends about the tiny points that trouble them the most. Here’s the shorter list dependent on my unscientific poll:

  • When the auto window openers are positioned strangely on the doorway so that when you go to open up the front widow it opens the again one or locks the doorway, like on a Honda Odyssey.
  • Not plenty of cup holders (and when the cupholders are not big more than enough to accommodate drinking water bottles).
  • When the shoulder belt just can’t be lowered (or the seat raised) sufficient that it sits easily on my shoulder.
  • When Apple CarPlay is in use, I never want to have to swap it back around to the Ford screen to see the outdoors temp. I want to see that in dash controls (family of weather nerds right here).
  • Inconvenient charging ports (like when they are concealed inside the console).
  • Trucks without the need of grab handles for the driver, exclusively for ingress. A steering wheel is not the exact.
  • When the doorways are locked in a Nissan automobile, you have to both bodily unlock them or strike the button to unlock rather of just opening the door with a double pump.
  • Why do some motor vehicles have wi-fi charging but not wireless Apple CarPlay? If you have to wire in to use CarPlay, you really do not need to have the wi-fi charger.
  • I loathe it when side mirrors are so significant they block the crosswalk when you’re at a four-way cease. Then you cannot tell if somebody is crossing the street or not with out performing a little seat hop.
  • Cleverly concealed handbook tailgate releases. Put it in the evident place do not make me grope the entire tailgate to figure out how to open it. It should be a significant squishy rubber button you can conveniently obtain.
  • When the seat monitor does not accommodate my leg duration and the again of my calf rubs towards the seat.
  • Can we communicate for a minute about windshield wiper fluid? Drives me mad when it is not positioned to squirt out competently to do its only work: cleanse the windshield.

What’s yours?

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