Nick Mason’s Ferrari Testarossa for sale


It would most likely be acceptable to recommend that Nick Mason is regarded by several as substantially for his cars and trucks as his new music. That Dwell 8 reunion, Pink Floyd’s to start with overall performance together in much more than 24 years, was alone in July 2005, virtually 17 yrs back – when Tony Blair was still Prime Minister. As if to confirm the issue, 2005 was a year just after Into The Purple was first posted, Mason’s ebook chronicling possession of some of the world’s most remarkable automobiles. With a minor assist from Mark Hales, of program – it is properly truly worth seeking out if you’ve not study it by now. For individuals of us not, er, mature sufficient to have acknowledged Pink Floyd at their peak, the reserve released Mason as a car or truck nut to start with, drummer second. 

Maybe his most well-known vehicle is the Ferrari 250 GTO the primary bumf for the book speaks of it getting “highly expensive”, with “a price of £10m at its peak”. Ah, sweet, innocent, early 21st century. But Mason has also owned, among quite a few others, a Ferrari T3 F1 automobile, an F40, a 250MM, a LaFerrari and this very Testarossa. And which is just the Ferraris… 

Said to be purchased new when collecting his F40 from Maranello – as if the excursion was not going to be memorable ample – this 1989 illustration was owner by Mason for a few years. At which stage he element exchanged it for a levels of competition 365 GTB/4 Daytona – naturally. So not exactly prolonged-phrase possession by his exalted criteria but, still, there are a great deal of Testarossas out there that weren’t to start with owned by Pink Floyd’s drummer. 

Originally Blu Sera, the Testarossa was later resprayed Rosso Scuderia. Which does appear to be fairly of a disgrace when you think about how magnificent  it after looked painted an inky dim blue – so it ought to be no surprise that the very last owner (who had the car or truck for a 10 years) purchased it with the intention of returning the Testarossa to the authentic color. One more operator should not experience responsible about obtaining the task completed.  

That aside, it is a rather beautiful Testarossa, remaining offered with a detailed historical past and a good deal of initial paperwork. It is thought to be just one of just 268 remaining Uk Testarossas if it goes back again to blue then this will be just one of only 5. 

In spite of obtaining protected much less than a thousand miles a calendar year considering that 1989, there are a good deal of decreased mileage Testarossas out there for individuals that want them. This is absolutely a automobile from the increased routine maintenance era of Ferrari, one particular for special events than extra frequent use. Nevertheless, even all those who really do not remember the Testarossas in period of time have grown up admiring them, with values now reflecting that. This one is £120k, with comparable Testarossas out there at extra income – and later TRs pricier nonetheless. So you have skipped the boat on even vaguely cost-effective flat-12 Ferraris (or 180-diploma V12s, for the pedants) on the other hand, this just one has some added provenance for no quality. And it’ll be one particular of the ideal searching Testarossas when it’s blue again… 


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